Royal Baby Birth: CNN Goes Too Far Describing Labor Pains


It's a boy!

I'll admit it — for the past several weeks, I was excited about the birth of the royal baby. Until now I was fine with the hype and pervasive coverage.

But after watching CNN's video discussing the potential methods by which the Duchess of Cambridge could deliver her child, I have come to the conclusion that the media has now officially taken it too far. 

Thanks to CNN's Elizabeth Cohen, I now know almost every way a British mother can bring a beautiful bundle of joy into the world.

According to Cohen, "Kate's royal birth may be a royal pain." As the report says, the British health care system encourages women to have a baby in the most natural way possible, without epidurals. Only 3 out of 10 women in England have epidurals compared to 6 out of 10 in America. In what they call a "normal birth," the unique methods include a women sitting on a "birthing chair," her partner seated directly behind her, grasping a rope hung from the ceiling in order to relieve some of the pain. Another practice involves delivering the baby in a hot tub of water, commonly referred to as a water birth. Laughing gas is also a widely used.

CNN's "Royal Correspondent" (I want that job) affirmed that the Duchess would have all the devices she desired available for her to use.

Can we please maintain some form of privacy and respect for the couple and the baby? To the duke and duchess of Cambridge, I say congratulations on the birth of your first baby boy. To CNN I say: did you really have nothing else to talk about?