This Week At PolicyMic: Millennials Take On Climate Change


Friday, July 19, was a sad, hot day in the PolicyMic office. At 10:30 a.m., I received multiple emails warning me not to come to midtown. Our air conditioning had broken earlier that morning. It was too stuffy and humid to think, let alone type. 

We were far from the worst affected. (And far from alone in our need for A/C.) New York's heat wave last week caused the deaths of four people, just some of the people affected by high temperatures in the Northeast and across the nation. These new highs may be here to stay, a form of extreme weather which appears to be growing more common. 

Today, rain has cooled Manhattan, but PolicyMic's week of conversation about climate change is just starting to heat up. 

This week for our Millennials Take On Climate Change series, PolicyMic will feature articles from experts like author and educator Bill McKibben, youth activists like Leehi Yona, a student at Dartmouth who was named one of Canada's Top 25 Environmentalists Under 25, academics (and academics-in-training) like Christopher Round, a graduate student pursuing his Masters in environmental science at Indiana University, young journalists like Dani Thompson, a Masters student studying multi-platform journalism, and, of course, commentary and analysis from established PolicyMic Pundits like Luis Costa

PolicyMic is further proud to announce that we will be partnering with Grist for a series of in-depth pieces to provide PolicyMic readers with further information on climate change related topics. For starters, check out Jim Meyer's article explaining why cities across the nation are so infernally hot!

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