5 Things You Forgot You Hate About Summer


When snow comes spewing from the sky and there seems to be no end in sight to your sociology lecture, you probably turned to fantasizing about the summer. Good weather, relaxed responsibilities and a possible vacation make June through August the most enjoyable season of the year for many.

Until, you know, you actually get to it.

While it certainly isn't all hype, the glamour of beaches and suntans hides some of summer's peskiest nuances. A few months of the season under your belt may have you worn out, and by the end of the year you'll forget all about your sagas with bug bites and air conditioning units.

What are your least favorite parts of summer? Sound off in the comments section.

1. The 150 species of mosquitoes in North America

Look at that thing. Does it not strike fear into your suntanned heart?

There are over 150 species of mosquitoes in North America (3,000 species in the world).

We're all guilty of romanticizing summer, but your vacation isn't complete without a dozen or so swelling bumps shrouding your arms and ankles. Mosquitoes requires blood to develop fertile eggs. Mosquito bites are forgettable struggles during the colder seasons, but come summer, it takes every fiber of your existence to stop from itching. Seriously. Put your arm down now and don't touch it.

The damn demons find new spots to frustrate you with every time, and the only way to ward them off is with the most pungent of repellents that don't work half the time. You'd think that catching and squashing a sucka mosquito in the act would be quite rewarding, until you realize the disgusting mess that's on your fingers.

Mosquito clouds can kill summer enthusiasm with one outdoor concert or party. But you'd still trade a body of bites for 80 degree weather come January.

2. Long lines everywhere

Summer means Six Flags, free outdoor shows and a day at the beach. It's a great idea, but everyone in your city's already thought of it and are halfway down the highway to beat you there.

Taking a vacation to a remote island is perhaps the only way to avoid the massive crowds of summer. When you thought about your school-free self screaming on a roller coaster, did you account for the hour-long wait before the two-minute ride? When you dreamed of an ice cold beer at a ballgame, did you remember the line that costs you two full innings?

Everyone's as free as you are this summer, making everything really crowded. The beach just isn't as fun when people are crammed around every side of your towel.

3. Dumb pop culture

Does everyone's IQ lower with rising temperatures? Summer's not summer without an insultingly-bad Michael Bay blockbuster and a preteen anthem from Katy Perry. Everyone's down with letting loose and reserving a bit of brainpower, but does it have to get this ugly?

Two summers ago, it was "I love you like a love song." Last summer it was thisevery hour on the hour. Every summer's been Jersey Shore and a new Transformers. There has to be a way to at least spread out the horrendous reality TV over the year.

4. 15% higher gas prices

Road trips and weekend excursions come with a hefty price. Prices at the pump seems to skyrocket every summer, a problem that stays stowed in the back of your mind during the year but right in the heart of your wallet come July.

The national average of a gallon of gas is up 18% this month to a healthy $3.67. The ongoing turbulence in the Middle East will make this summer a particularly pricey one.

Although Americans are driving less on average, but the demand for gas rises to over a million barrels a day during the summer. The good news after filling up your car? An hour of traffic awaits.

5. Every temperature extreme imaginable

Summer is hot. Really hot. Air-conditioned summer is also really cold. Good luck in the raging war between sweating and shivering for the next month.

Temperatures have ballooned to the high 90s in New York alone this summer, and there's no better feeling of relief than walking into an air-conditioned room after toiling in the heat. Give it a minute and you'll be clamoring for a sweatshirt. Go back outside, come back in. It's nothing short of madness.