Don't Vote For Rep. Peter King in 2016


Republican Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) is considering running for president in 2016. If he does, U.S citizens should not vote for him. King has made it clear time and time again that he does not like Muslims. Any individual who is Islamophobic and is unwilling to recognize that the majority of Muslims in America reject terrorism and radical ideologies is not fit to be president of the United States of America.

King has more than entertained the idea of running for president and he says he will use the opportunity to get his "views out on national defense and foreign policy." This is terrifying considering these views most likely entail more hearings on the so-called growth of radical Islam in America.

King has not been shy about his views on Muslims in America with statements like there are "too many mosques in this country." While he is entitled to his opinion, as commander-in-chief he must be willing and able to support his positions and views instead of falsely denying he ever said them.

King believes there is a strong need for hearings that alienate the American Muslim community, according to him, "over 80% of the mosques in this country are controlled by radical Imams." Not only is this bigoted statement extremely offensive and inflammatory but it is also completely inaccurate and mendacious.

It seems King failed to do his homework prior to commencing a hearing dedicated towards American Muslims. A two-year study conducted by professors at Duke's Sanford School of Public Policy and the University of North Carolina concluded that mosques actually deter the spread of radical Islam and terrorism. The study claimed that many mosque leaders counter extremism through efforts to create youth programs and sponsor anti-violence forums. According to the coauthor, David H. Schanzer, "Muslim-American organizations and the vast majority of individuals that we interviewed firmly reject the radical extremist ideology that justifies the use of violence to achieve political ends."

The fear-mongering hearings King would hold clearly exaggerate the threat of radical Islam in America and display King's apparent anti-Muslim views. He should not be rejected as a future president because of his alleged efforts to counter-terrorism and enhance the security of American citizens, but instead for his singling out of the American Muslim community while completely ignoring other known domestic threats.

We should not vote for an individual who ignores the American Muslim community's significant efforts towards rejecting terrorism and cooperation with law enforcement agencies. While the need to highlight and detect domestic terrorism is momentous, the singling out of one group should always be rejected. Bigoted views of Muslims — or any other religious group — should not be welcome in the White house.

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