If You're Not Convinced Blurred Lines Is Creepy, Bill Clinton's Rendition Will Convince You


So apparently, there's an ongoing debate about whether a song by Robin Thicke that's about the "blurred lines" of consent is sexist or not. I tend to point anyone who's still on the fence to the music video featuring naked women prancing around with goats while being surrounded by fully-dressed men or the GQ interview where Thicke actually admits the song is "completely derogatory towards women", but for those who need more evidence, please see this gem crafted by the good people at baracksdubs. Warning: this will give the giggles, then make you feel creepy, then give you the giggles again.

Maybe we should just get Bill Clinton to sing all of the creepy summer anthems to make their creepiness more explicit? Seems like it would make the job of feminist writers a little bit easier. Or maybe we can just reverse the genders like Mod Caroussel did here? How do you feel about the song? Let me know on Twitter and Facebook.