Watch Amy Schumer Hilariously Expose The Problem With Female Characters in Action Movies


I love action films as much as the next gal, but what is up with female characters being reduced to supporting characters all the time? Sure there are some badass female-centric action films like Salt, but the genre is still massively male-dominated. Moreover, when female characters make an apperance, their looks or sexuality are often spotlighted as if it was their only asset. For instance, the last James Bond movie seemed pretty progressive because it had a woman of color playing Bond's partner in crime, but as Rabble notes, "unfortunately she is also the agent who accidentally shoots Bond, who serves in part as his agency mistress, and by the end of the film has traded in her gun for a typewriter." Ugh. If all this has got you down, watch this amazing clip of Amy Schumer exposing this sad truth in the most hilarious way. 

Anyone else spit up their coffee while watching this?

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