Glenn Beck Wears a Condom Glove to Mock MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry's Tampon Earrings


This past Monday on The Blaze, Glenn Beck wore a “condom glove” and a birth control pill nose ring. Stay with me here. Beck donned the weird garments to mock MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry, who wore tampon earrings on her Sunday morning show to bring attention to Texas’ recently passed anti-abortion legislation. During the debate in Texas, women attending the House proceedings were prohibited from bringing in tampons and pads.

See the video for yourself here:

Beck is completely off base. First, he addresses Harris-Perry throughout the entire segment in a misogynistic and condescending tone. Instead of talking about the reason Harris-Perry wore tampon earrings in the first place, he discusses how “attractive” they look on her. Beck says, “if you were wearing those … and I was a single man, I might be attracted to you because they … kinda look like marshmallows.” Later, he condescendingly calls her “darling” and explains “I say that darling part with all the love and respect darlings like you deserve.”

Setting his infuriating tone and attitude aside, the point he tries to make against Harris-Perry misses its mark:

Harris-Perry wore the tampon earrings as a response to tampons and pads being confiscated and banned from women standing up against the anti-abortion bill in Texas. The female hygiene products were banned because they could be used as “projectiles,” though guns were allowed past security as long as you had a permit. This action by the Texas legislature was blatantly intended to discourage women from protesting in the House legislature. Harris-Perry was directly protesting the ridiculous targeting and stifling of women here, not the anti-abortion bill itself (though she is against the legislation). Beck’s condom glove and birth control pill nose-ring are not comparable to Harris-Perry’s tampon earrings. Beck’s accessories are birth control products. Harris Perry’s garments are hygiene products. Beck would have been better served wearing a deodorant necklace.

The only thing Beck manages to achieve is to look more ridiculous than usual.