What is the "T" in LGBT? BuzzFeed Answers the Question In the Most Amazing Way

BuzzFeed is attempting to redeem itself after outrage over a recent post about the Egyptian revolution. In an ode to the gender diversity that is becoming more and more recognized in society, BuzzFeed user Sarah Kasulke created a guide to the many different aspects of transgender identities.


Transgender discrimination is an unmistakable problem that has yet to be approached by the marriage equality movement. Some might even say that the mainstream marriage equality movement does not address the issues faced by the transgender community or communities, especially transgender communities of color. Just recently, I was alerted to a story about a young woman in Minneapolis named CeCe McDonald, who was attacked outside of a bar by a group of white supremacists. McDonald received a 41 month jail sentence in a male prison for defending herself with a pair of scissors after she was verbally harassed and attacked with beer bottles. This was a clear case of racial and transgender discrimination on the part of the assailants, but also a case where the self-defense and anti-discrimination laws of the United States were not applied equally.