1st Rule: You Do Not Talk About Fight Club, Unless You're Chuck Palahniuk


The first rule of Fight Club? You don't talk about Fight Club. Unless you're Chuck Palahniuk.

On Monday, author Chuck Palahniuk spoke at San Diego's Comic-Con, where he announced that he's working on a graphic novel sequel to his cult book. The story, Palahniuk says, will open with the protagonist, Jack, and his love interest, Marla, married and struggling with boredom in suburbia. Tyler Durden will reintroduce Jack to mayhem by "kidnapping" his son. Damn.

Palahniuk later elaborated on his official website, noting that he's been discussing concepts with artists from DC, Marvel, and Dark Horse. The books will be set 10 years after the conclusion of Project Mayhem in the original. Fans of Fight Club will have to hold tight, however. Palahniuk is busy finishing up the novel Beautiful You. If the graphic novel series finds a publisher, it could be released as early as 2015.

Palahniuk would run a serious risk by re-upping Fight Club. While the original novel's focus on overthrowing the establishment and breaking the mold is perfect for a story about a suburban kidnapping, reintroducing the characters years later could prove to be awkward and disorienting.

But with big risks come big rewards. Fight Club's rabid fan base will gladly pay to read about Jack, Tyler, and Marla again, and Palahniuk's story will almost certainly have new, brilliant explorations of the American psyche. Fight Club was released in 1996, which was, as Jack would put it, "a very strange time." But there's nothing stranger than the present day, and personally, I would love to see what Palahniuk can do with both our era of social media, and the suburbification of his main characters.

While graphic novels may not be palatable for some fans of the movie or book, the important thing is that Fight Club will be back.