Henry Winkler is Coming to 'Parks and Recreation,' and It's Going to Be Amazing


Henry Winkler is guest-starring in NBC's only returning comedy series. The Fonz is set to play Jean-Ralphio Saperstein's father. Winkler, known for his roles in Happy Days and Arrested Development, will make his first appearance in the Season Six premiere, and he will be potentially returning for future episodes. So why is this important? Henry Winkler's character has the potential to become a cast regular, like Adam Scott and Rob Lowe's characters. And that means the show just got a comedic gem. Fundamentally, with Winkler's addition, you are missing out more than ever by not watching this mockumentary on local government.

First of all, Parks and Recreation is a masterpiece. From the makers of The Office, the show has risen above expectations. Many were expecting an Office copy-cat show, and while stylistically the shows are similar, the unique characters have inspired armies of loyal fans. The show stars Amy Poehler as Leslie Knope, a bureaucrat in Pawnee, Indiana's government who takes her job very seriously. But through all the amazing plots, the hilarious jokes, and the Ron Swanson meat-tornadoes, Ben Schwartz's character Jean-Ralphio Saperstein became a fan favorite. The character is best friends with Tom Haverford, the Twitter addict/teen fashion mogul/Diddy enthusiast played by Aziz Ansari. Jean-Ralphio is a childish, easily tired, frequently homeless business maestro who enjoys singing responses to questions. The character made his money the old-fashioned way... he was hit by a Lexus. With various conniving schemes planned such as Entertainment 720, the character shines in all his scenes. With Henry Winkler as his father, we can only imagine the spectacle of the two crooning about their entrepreneurial dreams. With the Fonz on board, Parks and Recreation is set to gain even greater traction. Did someone say 12 seasons? What? A movie? A sequel? Sky's the limit.