The White House Photographer's Instagram is Absolutely Awesome


Pete Souza is no amateur photographer. Every day for the past four years, Souza has snapped Barack Obama at State of the Unions, oval office meetings and family barbecues. Now he's joining more than 100 million selfie-takers on Instagram.

Souza launched an Instagram account Wednesday, and though it only has 10 photos, it's already amassed almost 11,000 followers.

He's posted everything from the presidential seal to a black-and-white conversation between Obama and Senator Claire McCaskill aboard Air Force One.

Souza's Instagram is a brilliant move that will not only net him a larger personal following and a more recognizable brand, but will also shed a positive light on a White House that's had a very difficult summer.

With filters, a "heart" button and little format for discourse, Instagram will allow Souza to make Obama look overwhelmingly positive.

Today's social media generation is no longer just hungry for inside looks at famous figures, it expects them. Souza's account gives Obama more traction with younger crowds. After all, teenagers will labor through a press statement or a special address, but will be thrilled to share a photo with hip contrast.

All of the photos Souza has posted thus far are already published elsewhere, but as the White House photographer gets acclimated to the site, he'll likely post a few that are less professional and more intimate. Can you imagine the internet's reaction to an Obama selfie or Michelle in sepia?

Obama becomes the first president to benefit from existence on social media. The next time the Obama administration scoops a win on a decisive issue, you can beat Souza will post something to make the moment look cooler, more dramatic and more important. Souza's Instagram is also a welcome reprieve from the White House Twitter account, which is often either boring or completely obscure.

In 2011, The New Republic included Souza on its list of Washington's "most influential, least famous" people. Souza's newfound cyber-popularity could change that. For now, follow along, enjoy some world-renowned photography and pray for Hillary in hefe.