Anthony Weiner Poll: New Scandal Puts Him 9 Points Behind Christine Quinn


Anthony Weiner, aka Carlos Danger, has once again had to excuse himself for more photos of his anatomy.

The photos and sexually explicit social media messages surfaced which were sent to his most recent sexting partner, 23-year-old Sydney Leathers of Indiana. Now the media is crawling all over the story, not only criticizing Weiner but also throwing a few insults at his wife Huma, saying she is "a doormat" for continuously forgiving her sexting-obsessed husband. 

He might have also put his campaign in jepordy. According to a new poll releases Thursday Weiner has lost his lead in the New York City mayor's race following the new revelations he continued to send lewd messages online to women after he resigning from Congress in 2011. City Council Speaker Christine Quinn now garners 25% support among Democratic primary voters compared to 16% for Weiner, according to the poll by NBC 4 New York, The Wall Street Journal and the Marist Institute for Public Opinion.

Weiner, for his part, has said that he will stay in the race and let voters decide his fate in November. New York City constituents must accept that he may not be backing down, but those voting for him perhaps should reconsider if this is the type of person they want to represent their city. 

Before this new scandal resurfaced, I had written about how people should forgive Weiner because what he does on his personal time is between him and his wife and most importantly, that his wife forgave him as he appeared to have put his extramarital sexting habits behind him. Besides, his preferred way of cheating was not quite as bad as Eliot Spitzer’s habit of picking up ultra-expensive escorts. As I can attest, even defenders of Weiner are now unsure of their views on the man.

But Weiner has apparently not learned that even online “romances” are unacceptable, if one is in a monogamous marriage and the thrill of showing his private parts to younger women has proven too enticing to give up — which is a shame, especially for those who believed he was a changed man. 

Though the new poll doesn't show a landslide statistical drop for Weiner, it could be the sign of things to come for the former congressman.