If You Thought Advertising Was Sexist, Watch What Outrageous Trick This Male CEO is Pulling


Ever wonder why no one is renting out women's bodies as space for advertisement? Great! That makes none of us. Except for this guy.

Although it seems pretty uncontroversial to say that we should stick to billboards as opposed to lady parts for ad space, a PR agency in Tokyo begs to differ. As the CEO of advertising agency WIT Hideroni Atsumi explained to The Guardian, "It's an absolutely perfect place to put an advertisement because it's what's guys are eager to look at and what the girls are ok to expose." I'm sorry what? 

Alredy 3000 ladies have already signed their thighs away to the company. The women who participate must be over 18 (I sure hope so), have at least 20 people on their social media network (so anyone really) and are encouraged to wear mini-skirts and high-stockings (ok ew). There are so many questions bubbling up in my head right now. Who is volunteering to take part in this? How much are they getting paid? Why only women? Last time I checked, men have bodies too, and since women's purchasing power is dramatically increasing in Japan, why is this CEO assuming that the average consumer is male? Is it just me, or is this whole thing scream creepy?

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