Stop Feeling Sorry For Huma Abedin Already

ByAlyssa Farah

Well color me shocked–Anthony Weiner didn't stop sexting after his disgraceful exit from Congress in 2011!

I remember it like it was yesterday, the late Andrew Breitbart hopping on stage and taking the mic while America awaited then-Rep. Weiner's announcement that he would be resigning from his office to work on his marriage to wife Huma Abedin.

After a year out of the public eye, Weiner resurfaced and talks of his mayoral candidacy began circulating. Despite his fall from grace, polling quickly showed a New York willing to forgive and forget–just as Huma had two years prior.

Hell, if Republicans could forgive and reelect Rep. Mark Sanford, of course Democrats could forgive Anthony Weiner.

Then, to absolutely no one's shock, it was revealed that Weiner had not given up his junk-baring ways and had continued his online sexual relationships, even after his embarrassing departure from Congress.

Cue sympathetic outpouring for the doubly humiliated Huma Abedin.

But does she deserve it?

Interestingly, Abedin took a page from her boss Hillary Clinton's book. Rather than stand by her man silently as many scorned politicians’ wives have done before, she took to the podium to say she had forgiven Anthony and New York voters should, too.

That was where Huma lost me. As a general rule, I don't allow myself to judge or critique others’ relationships, as I see it, no one ever fully knows what goes on between two people in a relationship–other than the two people in it. When Huma stood by her man in 2011, I supported her decision and admired the poise she managed to maintain throughout the ordeal.

I also assumed the birth of their son was a huge factor in her decision to give Weiner another chance. I respected her for putting her child's well-being first.

But now it seems pretty clear the “Good Wife” act is just that—an act.

Huma is an incredibly successful woman in her own right. As a close aide to one of the most powerful women in the world, she's established a reputation for herself as a sharp, dedicated and fiercely ambitious young woman, with a bright future ahead.

Yet, she is rapidly losing the respect of millions of American women who are looking at her and saying, "Are you serious?"

Weiner's behavior proved to be downright predatory as he engaged in misleading online sexual relationships with women decades younger than himself.

But it doesn’t take a genius to deduce that Huma's decision to stand by Weiner is less about her love for him and more about her own aspirations.

Huma, as the Washington Post reported, was the driving force behind Weiner's toget back into public life. She allegedly used her role as a top aide to Clinton to solicit support and donations for her husband's mayoral race.

She pushed him back into the limelight, knowing full well that further indiscretions might come to light. She also used her position of influence and convince voters that he is trustworthy, changed, and the right man to oversee New York City, knowing full well that his indiscretions continued post-Congressional resignation.

Dave Wiegl echoes these sentiments writing for Slate, “Please, spare us. Nobody forced the Weiner-Abedin clan to re-enter electoral politics. Nobody forced Abedin to go along with the stories that Weiner had fallen from grace in 2011 and gone on to be a devoted, chastened husband.”

Before we canonize the “long-suffering” Huma, let’s remember that she has been by her husband's side since her announced his candidacy, telling New York City voters that he is a changed man—while likely knowing full well that his indiscretions continued long after his resignation from Congress.

I think it goes without saying that New York City voters deserve better. If he stays in this race, or somehow manages to get elected despite a dramatic dip in the polls, I think it’s safe to say this isn’t the last we’ll see of Weiner’s sexts. So I ask you, Anthony Weiner, do Huma, your son, and New York City voters a favor and PULL OUT.