32 Ways Beyonce is Showing Us She Rules the World


Beyonce Knowles is undoubtedly the most influential diva superstar of this generation. With a name so powerful that it gives you chills every time you here it, she is the trifecta combination of Diana Ross, Tina Turner, and Aretha Franklin. Whether it is being the life of the all-female group Destiny's Child, writing and recording the majority of their songs, or as the queen of Pop with her unstoppable solo career, Beyonce has become synonymous with perfection.

Born on September 4, 1981 in Houston, Texas, Beyonce is an example of a true Destiny's Child. She was destined to be the musical icon she is today and she knew it early on. Beyonce started singing when she was just nine years old, establishing her successful female group, Destiny's Child. With best friend Kelly Rowland and a series of girls that kept on coming in and out of the group, Destiny's Child grew from a backyard show by four 9-year-old girls to an international phenomenon with singles so big that are recognizable within seconds. After the debut of their first #1 single "No No No", the hits kept on rolling in: "Jumpin Jumpin", "Say My Name", "Bootylicious", and "Independent Women" to name a few. However, the unstoppable success of Destiny's Child was not enough. Beyonce wanted to experiment with a solo career and expand her horizon.

The result... "Crazy In Love". There is no doubt that "Crazy In Love" made Beyonce who she is today. That song was the one-way ticket to platinum stardom, and Queen B has never slowed down since. After its release in June 2003, her first album Dangerously In Love produced many other #1 hits that helped her soar to the top, including "Baby Boy", "Naughty Girl", "Me Myself and I". "Irreplaceable", "Deja Vu", and “Ring the Alarm” came on her second album B Day and even bigger hits such as "Single Ladies", "Halo" and "If I were a Boy" followed in her third album I Am ... Sasha Fierce. Most recently came "Run the World (Girls)" and “Best Thing I Never Had” from her fourth album titled 4.

Throughout the past 10 years, Queen B has continually shattered our expectations, most notably breaking her own record of "most Grammys won in one night" by winning 5 in 2004 and then 6 in 2010. With more than 17 Grammys won thus far, performances in over 50 countries, a song about her proposal that started a world wide movement ("Single Ladies"), and the Twitter-record-breaking birth of her daughter, Blue Ivy, she is a force to be reckoned with. 

For all the 'Behives' out there, you already know why you worship your Queen Bee but for all the skeptics or what I call "Rihanna Fans", here are 32 Gifs that highlight why Beyonce Runs the World.

1. She Can Make an Entrance

2. She Has the Fiercest Walk At Her Concerts

3. ... and At the Superbowl

4. ... and in Her Videos

5. Her Hair Has a Life Of Its Own

6. She's Got a Signature 'Hair Flip' We All Die to See

7. (Like This One From the Iconic Alleyway in "Crazy in Love")

8. ... and This One, When She Doesn't Even Care

9. ... and During the Resurrection Of Jesus Christ

10. ... and This One When She is in Her "Freekum Dress"

11. When She Transforms From Beyonce to Sasha Fierce

12. When the Invincible Fan is Blowing Underneath Her

13. When the Fan Malfunctions and Eats Her Hair, She Keeps On Singing

14. Sometimes She Braids It and Gets a VIP Pass to Cuba

15. How About Her Dance Moves?

16. From "Crazy In Love" ...

17. ... to When We can Feel Her Burning Flames

18. ... and When She Kicks Her Legs Up

19. One More Time!

20. When She Goes Old School ... In Heels

21. When She Performs "Run The World"

22. When She Tells You That She is a "Grown Woman"

23. ... and Walks Away Mad At You For Not Knowing

24. When She Switches Microphones Without Missing a Single Beat

25. ... and Walks Away Like Yeah, I Know I'm Amazing

26. When She Flies in the Sky

27. ... and Flawlessly Surfs the Crowd (Her "Behive")

28. When She Brings in the 3D wall and Confuses Us

29. ... and Explains to Us How She Runs the World With a 3D Demonstration

30. When She Acknowledges That Her and Jay Z Run the Entertainment Industry

31. When She Brought Jesus Christ into the World

32. When She Speaks Her Mind