Peg Brunda is Just One Reason Anthony Weiner Had a Rough Weekend


Former congressman and current New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner has been experiencing even more heated attacks from the public as his campaign is unfolding. Weiner's campaign manager, Danny Kedem, quit on July 27 after the discovery that the former congressman had continued to exchange inappropriate messages after his 2011 resignation after being caught sending lewd messages and photos to young women via Twitter. In addition to that campaig- crushing news, the New York Daily News on Sunday uncovered that Weiner may have spent $43,100 in campaign contributions on private investigations firm T&M Protection Resources in order to fund his investigation on the claim that his Twitter account had been hacked back when the first scandal arose.

And now comes yet another slam on the mayoral campaign for Weiner, as a retired Staten Island teacher named Peg Brunda got into a rather heated conversation with the candidate about his actions. Brunda claimed that there was a double standard in between him and other politicians and civil servants like herself. In many ways, Brunda put forth a lot of insightful points about the morally-reprehensive issues Weiner waded into by continuing his campaign. Brunda taught as a teacher for 21 years and was an assistant principal for nine years, and her questions to Weiner went largely unanswered, showing the politician's further inability to positively portray himself in the public eye.

Brunda told Weiner, "[H]ad I conducted myself in the manner in which you conducted yours, my job would have been gone." Brunda continued by espousing her perspective on the scandal: "I don't quite understand how you would feel you have the moral authority as the head administrator in the city to oversee employees when your standard of conduct is so much lower than the standard of conduct that's expected of us."

Weiner responded, "That's the way the process works. But that does not mean I stop running because I run into a person who respectfully asked me a question and they disagree with me." His response in the video footage of the encounter revealed his own inept ability to defend himself. Nevertheless, in an interview with Staten Island Advance, Weiner said, "You're stuck with me." Unfortunately for Weiner, as long as voters have a say, they will only be "stuck" with him if they vote for him.