The 6 Most Successful Woody Allen Movies


Blue Jasmine, Woody Allen's 48th feature film, premiered on July 26 and thus far it has posted the strongest box-office start of any of the director's films. The drama that features Cate Blanchett, Alec Baldwin, Sally Hawkins, and Peter Sarsgaard was the most successful limited opening of the year, reeling in just over $102,000 from the six theaters in New York and Los Angeles where it premiered. Whether Blue Jasmine will become Allen's top-earning film remains to be unseen, but based on these opening numbers the new hit could give Midnight In Paris a run for its money in the top slot. 

1. Midnight In Paris

After Midnight In Paris was released in May 2011, the romantic comedy staring Rachel McAdams and Owen Wilson became Woody Allen's redemptive performance. For years, the director had faced ridicule from critics as well as "a general perception that his career is in terminal decline." But Midnight in Paris catapulted the director to the $100 million directors club and put Allen's career back on track. After 40 feature films, Midnight in Paris became Allen's highest grossing film, reeling in over $107 million worldwide, according to The Guardian. Based on the film's earnings, Allen must have succeeded in transporting international audiences back to the Parisian interwar era dominated by Ernest Hemingway, F Scott Fitzgerald, and Gertrude Stein.

2. Hannah And Her Sisters

This romantic comedy staring Mia Farrow, Michael Caine, and Barbara Hershey became Woody Allen's highest grossing film yet when it debuted in 1986, earning $40 million.  Hannah And Her Sisters remained Allen's most renowned and top-earning film for over two decades until Midnight In Paris took over the top spot.

3. Manhattan

Manhattan, another of Allen's early hits that was released in 1979, is the director's third highest-grossing film of all time. As the title suggests, the comedic drama follows Diane Keaton and Woody Allen himself throughout their romantic journey in New York City. The film reeled in almost $40 million, barely surpassing Annie Hall in earnings. 

4. Annie Hall

Most Woody Allen fans look back to his 1977 film, Annie Hall, as the movie that defines the renowned director/actor's prolific career. Allen starred in the Hollywood hit alongside Diane Keaton, Tony Roberts, and Carol Kane. According to Box Office Mojo, Allen's career-making film earned over $38 million. The number might seem unimpressive, but after the price is adjusted to take ticket price inflation into account, it is predicted that Annie Hall would have reeled in almost $140 million. 

5. Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Vicky Cristina Barcelona is one of Allen's most recent Hollywood success stories. Set in the capital of Catalonia, the film traces the evolution of a dramatic love triangle between Scarlett Johansson, Penelope Cruz, and Javier Bardem. The 2008 hit was Allen's latest highly acclaimed film before Midnight In Paris took over the mantle. According to Box Office Mojo, Vicky Cirstina Barcelona brought in over $23 million in lifetime earnings. 

6. Match Point

Woody Allen cast Scarlett Johansson, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Matthew Goode, and Emily Mortimer in his 2005 high-earning hit Match Point.  One of Allen's "serious-minded studies of male egos," the fan favorite film brought in just over $23 million