This Police Chief Would Rather Defend Guns Than Liberals


This gun-loving, liberal-hating police chief may be out of a job soon, and some believe rightfully so. However, despite his disgusting profanity-laced harangue, many argue that he is exercising his First Amendment right to freedom of speech. 

Gilberton Borough, Pennsylvania police chief Mark Kessler has been stirring up a lot of controversy after posting a series of profanity-filled YouTube videos attacking various individuals who challenge gun policy in the United States. Kessler has been a very outspoken gun-rights advocate for quite some time. In January he founded the Constitutional Security Force and introduced the Second Amendment Preservation Resolution. This piece of legislation was created to reaffirm the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution. But the chief of this small town achieved public fame for his gun-rights views with disturbing YouTube videos in which he threatens and verbally attacks anyone who disagrees with him on gun policy.

In one video he expresses his disdain of liberals — who he calls "libtards" — for their support of gun regulations.

"F*ck all you libtards out there ... you take it in the ass," he says. "I don't give a f*ck what you say, so you can all go f*ck yourselves. Period."

In another video, Kessler verbally attacks Secretary of State John Kerry for his support of a UN arms trade treaty.

In the video he calls Kerry a “piece of sh*t traitor” and proceeds with, “F*ck the UN. Who are they to decide what we, the American people, can own?” His message is crystal clear: a signed treaty is “not gonna mean sh*t.” He ends the video by shooting off a bunch of rounds from his assault rifle.

These initial videos caused so much controversy and outrage from the public that Kessler decided to produce a fake apology video.

He begins the video by saying, “Well I guess I upset a few people the other day. When I made a video, I used some profanity and some people didn't like that. Well I'm here to say I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset anybody, or insult anybody, or hurt anyone’s feelings. So please accept this as my sincere apology.” Kessler then walks out of the frame only to return a few seconds later with a troubling smirk on his face and says, “Yeah, I don't think so. This boy don't roll that way. For all you people out there who cried and cried about, oh I used profanity, F*ck You.” He proceeds by shooting off his rifle again and continues with “Oh you f*ckin libtards out there. Oh you f*ckin cry babies, grow a pair of balls and man the f*ck up. All right? You're a f*ckin bunch of pussies.”

It seemed Gilberton Mayor Mary Lou Hannon initially had no problem with Kessler's video. She said, "Anyone asking the borough to take action against the chief, when he has committed no illegal act, no violation of policy, and no misuse of borough time, is asking that we establish an official political view of the borough and impose it upon one or more of our employees, which would obviously be unconstitutional. Each member of council, each employee and each citizen is not only entitled to their own political opinions but also the right to express them. We will not take action to quash free speech, whether or not each member of council or any member of council agrees with it."

However, as the public outcry for his removal increased, including numerous threatening calls to the mayoral office, government officials were forced to schedule a meeting to address personnel and work policy. “We may or may not take action against him,” Mayor Hannon said.

This obviously raises the question: Should an individual in an authoritative public position be allowed to create these types of videos? Many would argue yes, because despite the negative nature of the videos, Kessler was in fact exercising his First Amendment right to freedom of speech. On the other hand, others will argue that a police chief must portray a level of respect for the community he is meant to defend, and respect is clearly not demonstrated in these videos.

Watch the above videos and decide for yourself. Was Chief Kessler merely exercising his right to freedom of speech?

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