The Tampon Commercial You Wish You'd Seen as a Kid


It's been hailed "the best tampon ad in the history of the world" and praised as some of the best menstrual marketing ever. This ad from HelloFlo, a company that sends care packages to girls on their first period is all of that and much more. It features a sassy 12-year-old who goes through a radical transformation after she gets the "red badge of courage." The ad is revolutionary, witty and overall amazing.

"It's like Santa, for your vagina!"

This video kicked every other tampon commercial right in the butt. Take that years of white spandex onesies, somersaults on the beach and useless blue liquid! This commercial has raised the bar for all tampon ads everywhere. Can the next sanitary product advertisement bring Gloria Steinem's "If Men Could Menstruate" alive with dudes getting their periods and bragging about "about how long and how much?" I would definitely dig that.

How do you feel about this new tampon commercial? Hilarious? Marvelous? Legendary? 

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