This is What Happens When a Man and a Woman Ask Strangers to Have Sex


Men, close your eyes and imagine an attractive girl approaching you on the street to solicit sex. Women, same question with a guy. Are you already seeing the disparities?

whatever, a YouTube channel that specializes in pranks, goofs and social experiments, decided to put those disparities to the test with a male and female subject. Both walk around asking random strangers for sex, and the reactions of the men and women are drastically different to say the least.

First up is the woman, who nets a 50% "success" rate in her first 14 encounters. While plenty of guys hesitate, deliberate, and feel uncomfortable — the first man asked hilariously calls police for prostitution charges — a good portion of them have no problem heading right to the bedroom. "I just want to ask you guys if you'd be down to have sex with me," she asks a pair of friends. "Where do you want to go? I'll have sex with you right now ... let's go," one replies while the other eventually joins.

All things considered, getting just as many yeses as nos is extremely telling. Half of the dudes this girl talked to will drop what they're doing and, without knowing her name or her intentions, go have sex with her. To be honest, I was expecting that ratio to be higher. It's even more telling when you see the other version.

"If you ask 100 people to have sex with you, at least one will say yes," an old adage goes. Not so for this guy, who gets 100 girls to reject him without a single one consenting to sex (it should be noted, however, that one guy did say yes, while another initially said maybe). Though the man is slightly more shy about asking, the controls of both videos are just about the same. And when women were asked, most of them broke out laughing, while one even said "Can you please leave now?"

While the man asks pretty innocuously (or about as innocuously as you can possibly ask in this situation), it's clear that girls are uncomfortable, and even the guys that turned down the woman were strangely apologetic. What does this say?

First, remember that this is really just for kicks, and you can't derive too much about gender norms from watching intentionally weird YouTube videos. Still, you have to wonder if men look bad in this for blindly pursuing sex, or if women look bad for reacting considerably stronger.

What if men asked other men, or women asked other women? That could be another cool experiment.

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