Watch These Cops Respectfully Handle An Attention-Seeking Gun Rights Advocate


If someone were to walk down your street with an AR-15, the standard firearm of U.S. soldiers, and a bag of ammo, your first reaction would typically be to call the police. Due to a lack of gun control legislation, people have the right to walk around neighborhoods with their favorite toys, provided, of course, that they do not open fire.

Gun rights advocates take an expansive view of the Second Amendment, citing the fact that gun homicides have decreased by 49% since 1993. Nonetheless, scenes of horror from mass shootings at places like Sandy Hook and Aurora, Colorado prompt advocates of gun control to assert that the lethality of crime would decrease without such easy access to guns.

But in the midst of this serious, heated debate, one thing is certain: citizens of McMinnville, Oregon, need never fear – for they have a stalwart defender of their Second Amendment rights from the hands of irritatingly reasonable and professional police officers.

This fearless vigilante Warren, also known as the Markedguardian on YouTube, takes to the streets with his cherished AR-15 until community members, likely fearful for their safety, call the police to ensure that the man with an assault rifle won’t open fire. At this point Warren records them to show the world the tyranny imposed on defenseless gun rights advocates.

In McMinnville, Warren, as usual, was unable to find any displays of police overreach or infringements on his constitutional rights, but was absolutely aghast at the officer’s condescending lecture towards him. The officer had the absolute gall to point out that, given the extensive media coverage of mass shootings and other gun related national tragedies, Warren was making people in the community afraid.

In the end our brave hero righteously remarks his indignation that he had to endure a lecture about public decency from a police officer who didn’t even have the basic decency to violate his Second Amendment rights, which would have allowed him to gain more publicity on the internet.

Under the First Amendment, you have the right to form Klan rallies and bellow racial slurs at people but that doesn’t mean it’s at all acceptable. In the same vein, under the Second Amendment, you have the right to carry your legal assault rifle around peaceful communities and put other people on edge. Just because you have the right, doesn’t mean it’s morally sound to exercise it.