Mike Bost is the Angriest Congressional Candidate You've Ever Seen


If you have never seen one of Illinois State Rep. Mike Bost's (R) outbursts, I highly recommend that you scroll down — you will be thoroughly entertained. The 18-year state lawmaker says he will not seek re-election for his state district, but instead pursue the 12th Congressional District seat. Rep. Bost says he hopes to bring his passion to Congress, but the YouTube sensation's rants are more indicative of pointless screaming and an inclination towards publicity stunts, both of which have no place in a branch of government.

Passionate and expressive oratory is invigorating and inspiring. Screaming at the top of your lungs until your head is about to explode, throwing papers around, and jumping up and down is just childish. Several occasions have been captured that perfectly accentuate Rep. Bost's ill-tempered reactions.

Once Bost was handed a complex 200-page pension reform bill and was only given 15 minutes to read it over. Understandably, he was frustrated. Yet while making an important point about the expectation of party members to vote like robots for certain bills, Bost's anger takes over and he explodes into a rant about tyranny.

The most amusing part is that as Bost proclaims "Let my people go," his colleagues seem unaffected and rather uninterested by his screams and paper-throwing abilities. He goes so far as to suggest that the speaker of the Illinois State House is tyrannical and oppressing the people's rights as defined by the Constitution. I agree that a problem of our legislative system is that, at times, representatives are pressured into voting for a bill just because of their party affiliation ... but Bost's rant is pointless. No one is going to listen to or even believe that this man is logical when he acts so irrationally.

But wait! There's more.

Another video captured Bost's displeasure when a concealed gun bill was changed and quickly called to a vote. At the end of his rant, tensions briefly settled, until one of Rep. Bost's colleagues commented, "Here is my point members … We don't want some like [Bost] carrying a concealed weapon." Smack down!!

As we can see, Bost's slapping of the microphone is definitely a signature move.

Serving in the state legislature since 1995, Rep. Bost believes the key to America's economic worries is to "get Washington out of the way and give our job creators some stability and the opportunity to succeed." He is an advocate of balancing the budget and ensuring the government doesn't overspend. Additionally, he is a strong supporter of military preparedness and national security. "The one area I have always believed our federal government must be fully invested in national defense. A strong, modern military will always be a top priority of mine."

His goals seem admirable and rational in their own way, but I have little faith in his ability to ever be effective if he is elected to the U.S. Congress. He has no self-control and his outbursts are not productive. In most of the videos, no one seems to even pay attention to what he is saying. While for personal amusement, his rants are fantastic, Rep. Bost will have to learn to express his passionate views in a more professional manner if he intends to win a Congressional seat.