Denzel Washington Makes Guarantees, Lots and Lots Of Guarantees

Apparently, Denzel Washington is full of promises.

Yesterday, Official Comedy posted a mash-up entitled "Denzel Making Guarantees." The video gathers Washington's diverse movie characters, and each and every one of them wants to guarantee something. The segment includes clips from Washington's hit films Antoine Fisher, American Gangster, The Great Debaters, Remember the Titans, Heart Condition, Man on Fire, The Siege, The Preacher's Wife, Courage Under Fire, and Training Day. 

A one-minute video can only contain so many promises; based on the prolific nature of Washington's acting career, it's likely that this mash-up only collects a small fraction of the actor's guarantees.

Despite its brevity, the clip captures the heart of many of Washington's roles. After all, the actor often plays strong and convincing heros who are determined to beat the odds and save the day. 

Official Comedy's video comes just in time to promote Washington's newest film, 2 Gunswhich will hit theaters on August 2. 

Based on the actor's two Academy Awards, Washington doesn't just make promises, but delivers — especially when it comes to guaranteeing a convincing performance.