'Asian Girlz' Video: You Will Never See A More Racist And Offensive Video Than This


If you are a human being with a soul and a conscience, you will be offended by this new music video by emo American rock band, Day Above Ground. 

Their video for the single "Asian Girlz," accomplished the difficult feat of becoming arguably the most offensive music video ever created. The band, locked in a cage, sings about "Asian Girlz" while watching an Asian woman strip down to her lingerie while dancing sensually. Within 5 minutes, the song channels essentially every single offensive stereotype you've ever heard about Asians, singing about "sticky rice," "creamy yellow thighs, "slanted eyes," "feng shui shit" "happy endings," "spicy tuna ..." you get the idea. And those are just a few of the PG-13 rated lines. "Tofu all over you, all over me," is the closing line.  

The video looks markedly different from the band's first full length video: A dark, punk-rock song that sounds like a tragic imitation of Linkin Park, Nickelback, or Hoobastank.

"This song is us ... making fun of ourselves (and many, many guys) obsession with the always lovely, Asian women," Day Above Ground said as a disclaimer. They also admitted that the video "pushed the concept to an absurd level." You don't say....

Absurd is an understatement. 

As you can expect, most people with souls are less than thrilled about the video. A blogger, "Angry Asian Man," called the video "racist, yellow fever bullshit" and "the worst thing ever made." 

But don't worry about the incredibly offensive imagery and lyrics, because Day Above Ground claims they "do not promote or support racism or violence." In fact, according to a statement the band posted in response to their new music video, they ensured that "we love everyone no matter what race, religion, or sexual orientation."  

Day Above Ground, I just don't think you'll be able to justify this one.