PETA Tells You to Stop Exploiting Animals, But Watch How They Exploit Women Instead


Barely 18 year-old Courtney Stodden sported a lettuce bikini on Thursday to serve vegetarian hot-dogs to pervy old men to promote ... wait for it ... ethical eating! Oh, PETA, you will never cease to never amaze me. Using a white, thin, big-breasted woman's body to grab attention to your cause? That is so unlike you!

Sometimes I wonder if PETA is secretly just there to keep women's studies programs in business by giving students an endless stream of sexist advertisements that they can analyze just in time for their midterm papers.

Source: NowThis News

PETA, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (haha ethical!?), may not be cool with the exploitation of animals, but they sure are fine with the exploitation of the female body! Their message, albeit important, gets totally lost in their sophomoric medium.  Marina & The Diamonds put it perfectly in her tweet last May. 

With its chauvinistic advertisements, PETA is not raising awareness about animal cruelty, it's raising awareness about advertisers' offensive use of women's bodies to sell stuff.  

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