Watch Justin Bieber, Worst Role Model Ever, Shove a Fan's iPhone in His Junk


Let's play a guessing game. Who gets into numerous fights, yells expletives about a former president, speeds around in a Ferrari, and likes to rub fans' phones in his pants? If you guessed Justin Bieber, then you're a winner! The famed pop star has incredible talent and was thrust into the spot light at any extremely young age but his ascent to fame has caused a downward spiral in the star's likeability and general respect toward people. Justin Bieber is probably the worst role model for any millennial. Sorry, I stand corrected — he is the worst role model for Millennials.

The teen star has had a lot of fame at any early age, and it has greatly corrupted him. I am sure that having cameras shoved in your face on a daily basis is not a great way to grow up nor is it an easy life to lead. Yet the kid's behavior is inexcusable. As an individual who so many young people idolize and look up to, Bieber's actions do not present a good example to his fans. Understandably he is going to make lots of mistakes; we all make mistakes as we grow up, and few of us constantly have cameras in our faces. For him, being in the spotlight makes his missteps more pronounced and more public — something that can't be easy on him. My only question is when is he going to realize that his life is very blessed. He has opportunities that very few people ever get to experience. And that he has a responsibility to the people who look up to him.

Bieber's outbursts and inappropriate behavior have been captured and widely publicized but don't seem to affect the admiration many young kids still have for him.

A recent video from one of his concert shows Bieber getting real cozy with one of his admirers iPhone's. After stopping the concert to encourage his fans to "refrain" from throwing things up on stage, a fan tossed an iPhone his way. Instead of ignoring it, Beiber decided it was best to drop the phone in his pants for a few seconds, and then give the phone back to another random fan.

Skip to 1:15 to see Bieber in all his glory:

Several weeks ago, another video was uploaded of Bieber spraying a picture of Bill Clinton, yelling expletives about the former president:

There are many other videos of Bieber acting like a buffoon all over the Internet.

The actions of the young star do not set a good example for young, impressionable fans of his. These young kids will think that it is ok to act like that; they will think that it is ok to not be respectful or have any sense of restraint when upset. Bieber gets enraged by the paparazzi; hasn't he learned by now that they do it on purpose in order to get a rise out of him? It is all about what will make the front pages of news sites.

If his actions continue, he will soon come to realize that no one is going to remember him for the incredible talent he has. They will remember the arrogant and immature behavior of another pop star. He has worked hard for his fame, but he has no admirable values or qualities that could positively influence young kids.