Ellen DeGeneres is a Safe Pick to Host the 2014 Oscars


The Academy Awards are rarely exciting. Snagging Ellen DeGeneres to host them is a start.

The comedian tweeted Friday that she'll be headlining the 2014 Oscars, marking her second time hosting the award show and giving a safe successor to Seth MacFarlane, who lead the show this year to mixed reviews. Though DeGeneres was chosen in 2007, her reprisal will be welcomed by those who were offended by MacFarlane's lewd jokes that targeted female actresses, specifically with a song called "We Saw Your Boobs."

The Academy rehired producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron, who channeled through last year's controversy to garner a 20% spike in viewership from the coveted 18-34 demographic. Though both producers have stood by MacFarlane's opening monologue and their decision, they will likely have a much easier time working with DeGeneres.

Seriously, this is just about the perfect choice. DeGeneres wins over those upset about last year's show simply because she's of the opposite sex. It's hard to imagine any actressess ruffled by sexist comments from Ellen DeGeneres, and any actors targeted will be taking jokes from someone much more palatable and good-humored than MacFarlane. Those worried about the Academy Awards losing a family audience can take solace in a voice from Finding Nemo, while those worried that the show is getting dull can be assured by DeGeneres' experience with standup and her unbridled opinions on sexuality.

Choosing a member of the LGBT community creates a more inclusive show. MacFarlane's routine doesn't appeal to many beyond the teenage male demographic, but DeGeneres's comedy with a female slant works for just about everybody. True, the show may see a dip in male viewership, but all things considered, DeGeneres's attitude and background fit the part pretty well.

Many have considered hosting the Oscars to be the most scrutinized three-hour job in Hollywood, and choosing someone who's already hosted is a safe idea. When DeGeneres last hosted the Oscars back in '07, The Departed and An Inconvenient Truth were receiving awards. Feel a little old now, eh?

Regardless of whatever songs are improvised and whatever movies are nominated, DeGeneres will make the conservative side of Hollywood happy and keep the MacFarlane-loving side entertained enough.