Lady Gaga and Madonna Are Under Threat in Russia. Their Crime? Standing up for Gay People


Madonna and Lady Gaga they are known for their provocative lyrics and fashion sense but in Russia, what is most controversial about them is their love for the LGBTQ community. It got them in trouble before, but with Russia's new draconian homophobic legalization recently passed in July, the celebrity gay icons could be facing much more serious problems.

Both artists have been open about their support for the gay community, even in Russia, where homophobia is actually written into law. During their concerts in St. Petersburg last year, Lady Gaga and Madonna didn't shy away from criticizing Putin's policies. For instance, back in April 2012, Madonna voiced her support for the imprisoned band Pussy Riot, saying famously saying "I think that they have done something courageous. I think they have paid the price for this act, and I pray for their freedom." In another concert a few months later, she also said "Gay people here and all around the world have the same rights."

Around the same time, Lady Gaga said "Where's all my gay kids tonight? Tonight this is my house, Russia. You can be gay in my house."

Both are now reportedly being investigated by the Russian government because they allegedly violated visa restrictions during their concerts in 2012. Many are speculating this is a "veiled attempt punish the pop stars for their vocal support of gay rights in Russia."

With Putin's new law, it is now illegal to even speak about homosexuality to minors, as it is considered to be "gay propaganda." Foreigners who don't comply can face punishment, deportation or even jail. According to ABC News, Russian authorities aren't planning on prosecuting any pop stars yet, but they could "face steep fines or even be banned from entering the country."

Madonna has already been sued for promoting homosexuality to minors, but the suit was dropped in 2012.

No word yet from Madonna or Lady Gaga, but judging by how vocal they've been on this issue before, it's safe to expect a statement from them pretty soon.

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