MLB Suspensions List: 13 Baseball Players Busted For PEDs


Today, the MLB handed out their punishments to 13 players found using performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs). It is the largest drug bust in the league's history. 12 of the players have agreed to a 50-game suspension, without the chance for appeal, following the outcome of the Biogenesis of America case. Alex Rodriguez received the heaviest suspension. The 14-time all-star, three-time AL MVP, and World Series champion will be suspended through the end of the 2014 season, totaling 211 games. Rodriguez is expected to appeal the league's suspension, which could leave him in the Yankees's lineup until a final decision has been made. If his appeal is later denied, his suspension could run into 2015. The first punishment related to the Biogenesis case was announced last month when Milwaukee player Ryan Braun accepted a 65-day suspension without chance for appeal. He has since been dropped by the majority of his sponsors, including Nike.

The MLB investigation began when several players were accused of obtaining HGH from the now defunct rejuvenation clinic Biogenesis of America. A disgruntled ex-employee disclosed several records, which revealed that the actual purpose of the clinic had been to sell PEDs.

*All stats are for 2013 season if not otherwise specified.

1. Alex Rodriguez- 3B New York Yankees

AVG (2012): .272

HR (2012): 18

RBI (2012): 57

Salary: $28 million

2. Nelson Cruz- RF Texas Rangers

AVG: .269

HR: 27

RBI: 76

Salary: $10.5 million

3. Everth Cabrera- SS San Diego Padres

AVG: .283

HR: 4

RBI: 31

Salary: $1.275 million

4. Jhonny Peralta- SS Detroit Tigers

AVG: .305

HR: 11

RBI: 54

Salary (2012): $5.5 million 

5. Antonio Bastardo- RP Philadelphia Phillies

W-L: 3-2

ERA: 2.32

SV: 2

Salary: $505,000 

6. Francisco Cervelli- C New York Yankees

AVG: .269

HR: 3

RBI: 8

Salary: $515,350 

7. Jordany Valdespin- OF New York Mets

AVG: .188

HR: 4

RBI: 16

Salary: $496,645

8. Jesus Montero- C Seattle Mariners

AVG: .208

HR: 3

RBI: 9 

Salary: $503,300

9. Cesar Puello- OF New York Mets (Minors-AA.)

AVG: Unknown 

HR: 16

RBI: 73

Salary: Unknown

10. Sergio Escalona- SP Houston Astros (Minors)

W-L (Career): 3-1

ERA (Career): 3.48

SV (Career) : 0

Salary (2012): $490,500 

11. Fernando Martinez- OF New York Yankees (Minors)

*Recently Traded to the Yankees

AVG (Career): .206

HR: 1 

RBI: 3

Salary: $493,000

12. Fautino De Los Santos- P Free Agent

W-L (Career): 3-2

ERA (Career): 4.21

SV (Career): 0

Salary (2012): $482,500

13. Jordan Norberto- P Free Agent

W-L (Career): 4-3

ERA (Career): 4

SV (Career): 1

Salary (2012): $495,000