Monsanto Spends Trillions to Control What You Eat, But This 14-Year Old Girl Will Take Them Down

If you know anything about Monsanto, you know that they are pure evil

Not only does the corporation refuse to label GMO foods (and invest millions of dollars into fighting laws that would), it also creates seeds that auto-destruct to force impoverished farmers to keep buying its seeds, entirely altering the course of Mother Nature and the farming economy as we know it. 

Many have stood up against the corporation's unethical practices, but very few have been doing it while being only 14 years old. Watch Rachel Parent keep her eloquent cool while a condescending Kevin O'Leary tries to convince her that she's too young to have an opinion on this. Spoiler alert: She totally kills it.

For those of you who may not be familiar, Kevin O'Leary is Canada's version of Bill O'Reilly. He's called for the mass imprisonment of union leaders and for Monsanto opponents to "stop eating" to "get rid of them." Oh, and O'Leary is also responsible for this embarrassing gem

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