Nothing Can Prepare You For This Bizarre Egyptian Music Video


Apparently, according to viral video-producers in Egypt, President Obama is the one to blame for the country's political turmoil, and the current political stalemate between the pro-Muslim Brotherhood Morsi supporters and the pro-military faction which has successfully overthrown them. (I’ll take "military coup's that can't be described as such even though that’s exactly what happened" for $1.3 billion, Alex). Perhaps the only thing more unbelievable is that Obama has appointed Senators John McCain and Lindsay Graham (R-S.C.) to help smooth things over in Egypt.

Almost nowhere was the victory for Islamists of the Arab Spring more complete than in Egypt with the election of Muslim Brotherhood figurehead Mohamed Morsi as president. Now, that the military has taken back control of the Egyptian government (citing Morsi's inability to "meet the demands of the masses") the streets are packed with pro-Morsi protesters frustrated to the point of violence ... and many Egyptians blame Obama.

Watch performer Sama Elmasry accuse President Obama of supporting terrorism in a bizarre, nonsensical video depecting him in diapers and dressed as Osama bin Laden below:

The sentiment is expressed in the afore-mentioned video, however inarticulately (i.e., I think my baby cousin has a larger vocabulary and better understanding of international affairs). The video itself is so ridiculously ignorant and contradictory that upon my first viewing, I thought perhaps it was some kind of spoof. Unfortunately, I think I'm giving its creators too much credit. It is however, indicative of the widespread impulse to find a scapegoat for the civil unrest, and the current political paralysis in Egypt. The video's threats to "stab" Obama, the name-calling, and the repetitive "Our army is strong!" exclamations, are reminiscent of a fourth-grade playground battle (remember "your mom" jokes?).

If the prevailing attitude towards the process of politics and the (lack of) rule of law continues, it's going to take more than Lindsey Graham and John McCain as consigliore. A. Good. Deal. More.