You Won't Believe What Just Happened On Reddit


A classic culmination to a classic love story: a guy talks to his girlfriend's parents, buys a ring, and gets on one knee ... to pick up his laptop charger.

The internet has made romance (and everything else) considerably stranger, and believe it or not, someone just proposed through Reddit. He received an equally-surprising and enthusiastic "yes." Reddit user SirTechnocracy declared his love for his partner, the aptly named LadyTechnocracy, on Sunday with a series of 12 memes, complete with the Dos Equis dude, Good Guy Greg and all the other classics. At the bottom of the memes was a link to an Imgur album of 21 commissioned art pieces of the couple. It's certainly not the most traditional way to pop the question, but the two do look pretty perfect together in those pictures. Check the highlights:




The album has already amassed more than 140,000 views, while SirTechnocracy has become something of a folk hero on comment threads. The two originally met online and moved in together a year ago, and now seriously owe their entire relationship to the internet. In fairness, SirTechnocracy was physically there when his lady opened the links, and does have a real ring.

"It would be far more romantic to her than just taking her to a restaurant," SirTechnocracy responded on Reddit. "Especially with all the pictures I commissioned for this." Those commissioned images reportedly ran him several thousand dollars.

Despite some downvotes and the unconventionality of it all, LadyTechnocracy seems thrilled to become, err, MrsTechnocracy. Isn't that what matters in the end?

"I reckon a lot of people would be horrified if their significant other used Reddit to propose, but this guy really knows all of the secret things that make me the most happy," she wrote. "This is, without a doubt, the most romantic thing someone has ever done for me. Forget the roses, chocolates, and champagne. This art, which I can keep forever and revolves around so many of the things over which we bonded, plus the experience of being surprised in my favorite spot online, really takes the cake."

Good for these two. While their identities remain safe from the swarms of Reddit critics, Sir and LadyTechnocracy are obviously happy. Proposals are all about nailing the intricacies and nuances of a relationship, and this cyber-spawned relationship gets the happy ending it deserves. This does open up a weird window to future Internet proposals, however. For everyone's sake, let's hope #WillYouMarryMe isn't trending any time soon, and may you never receive a Facebook request for an app called "engagement."