Thought Republicans Were Done With the War On Women? Watch This Sexist Atttack On Hillary Clinton


"Have you slapped Hillary today?"

This is the unsolicited tweet a number of reporters received on Monday. According to Andrew Kaczynski at BuzzFeed, they were being asked to try out a new horrifying game called Slap Hillary. The game was launched by an anti-Hillary Clinton super PAC that self-describes as the "only thing standing between" Hillary Clinton and the White House. The super PAC, called the Hillary Project, says that the game was crafted by something called the "Slap Hillary Team."

Slap Hillary has reportedly been around since 2000, but recently made a re-appearance on the website this week.

Anti-woman trolls must be thrilled! They can now shamelessly reduce a thriving female politician with the click of a button! Misogyny has never been this easy!

So what do we know about the Hillary Project? Not that much. Josh Israel at Think Progress reports that Christopher M. Marston, a "Republican operative with ties to several prominent GOP officeholders" is the treasurer.  Back in July, Garrett Marquis, the spokesperson for the group told Politico that the group "intend[s] to be active in stopping everything Hillary does."

The group's Twitter bio states that the want to "spread the TRUTH" (not to be confused with the truth that isn't spelled in all caps) and "defeat her presidential ambitions."

That's funny because it looks like the only thing they're doing right now is revealing the "TRUTH" about how deeply misogynistic their mission is. Encouraging losers in their mom's basements to virtually slap the most popular Democratic politician in Washington exposes just how sexist their logic is. Resorting to violence to challenge powerful women is not only void of any persuasive power — it's a sign of weakness. 

For the record, it's fine for people to be opposed to Hillary Clinton. Heck, I'm even pals with some people who are. The Hillary Project is different. They aren't attacking a politician based on her ideas; they are promoting violence against her. It's not just cowardly, it's sexist. It's not just unsophisticated, it's offensive. What game do they have planned next? Make Hillary Get Her Period? A time machine that allows you to get Hillary Clinton to make you a sandwich?

C'mon, Hillary Project. You're better than that. (Or are you?)

I guess it doesn't really matter what the super PAC does. I'm sure they'll manage to silence the most promising Democratic presidential candidate with sophomoric video games ... especially with their huge following that contains a whopping 351 Twitter followers and all.

Good luck, guys. Don't let Hillary Clinton's systematic dominance in the polls hit you on the way out.

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