The Identity of This Sexy Bra Model Will Surprise You


I love this ad. It's for a Wacaol bra called "Mood." I’ve watched it a couple of times and every time I ask myself, “What is it about this ad that you like so much?”

Here’s all I’ve got for you: It makes me smile. I love the idea of people watching it and being turned on by it and then realizing that what they are seeing is not what they thought they were seeing.

(I especially love the look the model gives the camera at 1:15.)

What makes this video so great is that the ending really does come as a surprise and I have pretty good radar. But I had no indication of what I was in for.

It might be an uncomfortable experience for some who watch the video and find themselves turned on by the model only to find out the model is a man. As far as I'm concerned, that is an excellent experience to have. It just further proves that sexuality is fluid and we just might surprise ourselves. Who knows who we could fall in love with if we let ourselves look past gender lines?

Gender roles are loosening these days and it’s exciting. I have high hopes that it won’t be long before instead of “boy” stuff and “girl” stuff, there will just be “people” stuff. No more pink is for girls and blue is for boys. No more girls are nurses and boys are doctors. No more girls are weak and boys are strong. All of that stuff is shifting and changingfor the better. And seeing a major company like Wacoal on board is inspiring.

I don't take issue with anyone's choices when it comes to expressing gender. What I do take issue with is people defining for others what it means to be a girl or boy, female or male. There is no reason to force gender roles on people. Who cares if a guy comes to work in a skirt or a woman chooses to cut her hair short and work as a bulldozer operator?

The only thing we really should spend time caring about and exploring is what it means to be human.