10 Awesome Tweets from the PolicyMic Community

Editor's note: This story is part of a community-oriented, weekly article series in which Community Manager Caira Conner discusses how to get the most out of PolicyMic.

In case you missed it, PolicyMic launched an article series to explore ways our community can best use the platform to their advantage. Check out this week's story on tips to help you land an interview.

Each Wednesday, I'll host a Twitter chat to answer questions and offer input on how to make the most out of your PolicyMic experience. I'll publish an article in advance of each week's discussion to guide the chat's theme, but am open to topic input.

Below is a sampling of questions and answers from this week's community Twitter chat.

For now news on our Wednesday #PMChat, email me: Caira@policymic.com

1. Angel Au- Yeung, On Pundits

2. Chase Meacham, On Applying

3. Eunji Kim, On Breaking News Writers

4. Mariam Elba, On Paid Writing

5. Brian Principato, On Events Coverage

6. James Carroll, On Pundits Overseas

7. Nick Recktenwald, On Paid Culture Writing

8. Caleph Wilson, On Science Coverage

9. Christian Rice, On Writing Samples

10. Natalie Sportelli, On Time Commitment