The Most Epically Beautiful Craigslist Missed Connection Of All Time

The crowd-sourced nature of Craigslist can make posts come off as pretty creepy. Sometimes, however, you get a gem. Brace yourself for this one.

A man recently detailed a failed opportunity with a woman in the Brooklyn missed connections section. The post divulges into love at first sight on a train, with both the author and his heartthrob afraid to make a move. The man rides the subway all through Manhattan and Brooklyn, and to his surprise, she rides with him. With the help of some fictionalization, this listing grabs you in.

The man's timidity is frustrating and beautiful at the same time. Read the whole thing here. It's already picked up a lot of buzz, but no word on whether the two characters in question have reunited. Man or woman, uptown train or downtown train, we can all relate to catching a case of cold feet.

Missed Connection - m4w

I saw you on the Manhattan-bound Brooklyn Q train.