10 Memes to Help You Celebrate Eid


Eid is here! After one tough month of hunger and thirst, you're done with Ramadan. That means its time to indulge in all the things you've been avoiding all month. Think of all the food you can eat now, all the water you can drink, and all the awkward Eid hugs you're going to have to give. No more mandatory praying with the family. No more watching television all day because there is nothing else to do. It's Eid! Dig in; you're hungry. Until next year, Ramadan. Until next year.

1. Bye, Ramadan. Hello, Eid!

2. Back To Chain Smoking

3. Early Eid. Haram?

4. Break That Fast, Pack on Those Lost Pounds

5. Bring It In ... So Many Unwanted Eid Hugs

6. You're Never Too Old For An Eid Gift

7. Skinny Never Felt So Hungry

8. We Can All Look Up Now

9. It's Eid! No More Rules

10. Apology Accepted?