5 NFL Teams That Could Definitely Use New Jerseys


Are you ready for some football? The NFL is back — err, kind of — Thursday night with the kickoff of the 2013 preseason. Pro football has seen its viewership climb each year, and we shouldn't expect anything less this fall. But with increased viewership comes increased importance of the sport's aesthetic.

It's a faster, sleeker game today, and Nike's reworked jerseys, helmets, and gloves fits in with this modern game accordingly. Still, a few sets of threads are pretty ugly and could use replacement. Is your favorite team in need of a new uniform? Check who made the cut.

1. Miami Dolphins

Technically, Miami did get a new uniform this spring, tweaking its logo slightly to feature a more horizontal, lunging dolphin. Seemingly irrelevant, I know, but it's the most exciting thing to happen to the Dolphins in five years. And don't sweat if you don't like it: nobody will be there to see it anyway.

All jokes aside, the Phins desperately need a new home jersey. That aqua color is far from intimidating and runs distractingly with the orange number outline. The fluorescent alternates are no better. For a team that's had just one winning season since 2003, Miami could stand to change things up a bit.

2. Tennessee Titans

Blue on blue? Really? The Titans jerseys aren't nearly as bad as the Dolphins, but that light blue/navy two-tone is still pretty rough on the eyes. White numbers aren't doing the team any favors, either.

Maybe a change of pants would help. Sky blue and cloud white are ambient but far from cohesive on the gridiron. It's fall, not spring. Choose one blue and stick to it.

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The only thing uglier than a Josh Freeman overthrow is a putrid combination of cherry red and pewter. Pewter?! Shiny gray pants went out of style years before Doug Martin was even born, and the Bucs need to incorporate more white and phase out that archaic steel.

Current Tampa fans can take solace in the fact that they didn't have to stomach these old things, which were probably the result of someone in that front office losing a bet.

4. Cleveland Browns

Cleveland's uniforms are as ugly as its offense; the solid orange helmets clash as much as Brandon Weeden and loud music or a cell phone (get it?! The dude's old). Seriously, the mud-colored brown needs to go. The Browns haven't made the playoffs in more than a decade and will have to do something soon to shake the bad luck.

5. Detroit Lions

Light blue and silver mixes the problems of the Titans and the Bucs. Detroit, like the other teams on this list, have bumbled through a decade of futility and are subsequently suffering from waning fan support. There's nothing intimidating or appealing about shiny light blue. The black alternates are a viable option for the main home jersey.