This Black Student's Encounter With Racism Wasn't Unique, But His Reaction Was

Brent Campbell, a student from the University of North Carolina-Wilmington, was minding his own business when he was verbally assaulted by a gang of white students on campus. He was finishing his workout when they threatened him with racial slurs. "It was one of the very few times where I was called a n*gger and felt like a n*gger," he painfully told CNN

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Because he feared for his safety, at first he remained silent. But now he's speaking out. Although most would expect him to be angry and want the racists expelled, he wrote a letter demanding for the exact opposite.

"Knowledge and love have the power to change a heart," he wrote in his request to meet his attackers. Let's hope Campbell's assailants get caught so that they can finally unlearn their hate. 

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