7 Links You Need to Check Out Before "Breaking Bad" Starts


"Breaking Bad" is arguably one of the best television shows ever made. And everyone who has seen it feels the need to talk about it obsessively. With the first of the last eight episodes of the series set to premiere on Sunday, the Internet's collective anticipation has gone into full -obsession mode. Here are some of the best things published to help you pass the time before Sunday's premiere and cope with the show's inevitable end. 

1. Vulture: Breaking Bad as Infographics

For those who like things in more visual form, Vulture has an awesome list of funny and informative infographics that you should read. And if any of you are still suffering from "Game of Thrones" withdrawals, they have a list for that too. 

2. Wired: Illustrator Behind the 90s "Game of Thrones" Art Takes on "Breaking Bad"

Speaking of Game of Thrones continuities, a lot of people remember the cool nineties illustrations of Game of Thrones characters from a couple of months ago. The illustrator has come back to provide new drawings of Walter White, with some surprising help from the Muppets. 

3. Beutler Ink: Breaking Bad Periodic Table

Beutler Ink has created an entire periodic table devoted specifically to Breaking Bad. It's a really cool example of fan art that's incredibly detailed, from the element abbreviations to the icons accompanying it. Beutler Ink needs to make it into a shirt so they can take our money. 

4. YouTube: Breaking Bad in 8 Minutes

For anyone who needs a refresher on the events from the first four and a half seasons, or just wants something to watch obsessively while they wait for the next three days, this Youtube video will bring you fully up to speed. And if that's not enough for you...

5. YouTube: Season 5 Gag Reel

There's a gag reel from Season 5 available on YouTube. And it's actually funny. It reminds you that they're actors and not just people, which is kind of weird. But it also reminds you that all of the actors are cool people, which still kind of weird, but also awesome. 

6. AV Club: How "Breaking Bad" Broke Free of the Clockwork-Universe Problem

One of the reasons behind the appeal of "Breaking Bad" is the fact that it deftly combines Shakespearean elements of drama with an almost absurd sounding plot and a meditation on the nature of modern American capitalism. Academics and critics will be writing about the show for a long time. In the same vein, AV Club has written an incredibly compelling and thorough essay on the relationship between "Breaking Bad" and one of the most significant Shakespearean themes on the show. It's a great read for both Shakespearean nerds, cultural critics, and pretty much anyone an interest in "Breaking Bad," which means everyone. 

7. Poetry Foundation: Leaves of Grass

Walt Whitman, along with his most famous work, has remained one of the most prevalent themes in the series. As fans know, a copy of "Leaves of Grass" is one of the most critical elements of the plots. The Poetry Foundation has written an essay on the exact nature of the complicated relationship between Walt Whitman and Walter White. It's another must-read similar to the AV Club essay, but this time addressing the nature of the American dream rather than Shakespearean drama. Between those two articles, you should be more than prepared for any cocktail conversations that may come up before the premiere.