Check Out How Sweden is Protesting Russia's War On Gays


It's hard to look at what's going on in Russia without feeling disgusted, enraged and powerless. We've all seen the heart-breaking pictures, the bloody protests in Moscow, and the homophobic repression. This kind of bigotry and selective silencing in Russia means it's incumbent on us in the international community to act.

Sweden has rocked at keeping up the LGBT solidarity lately. As Katie McDonough from Salon notes, Swedish protesters have planned a "series of pro-LGBT rights demonstrations" to keep the heat on Russia.

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The coolest one so far? Someone painted the crosswalk leading to the Russian embassy in a gay rainbow theme.

Because the police isn't responsible for painting sidewalks, it's unclear when it will be re-painted to its boring normal color (hurrah!)

GayStarNews notes that Sweden has offered exceptional support for members of the LGBT community living in Russia. For instance, Stockholm Pride was the first group to make a public statement establishing themselves as a "safe haven" for any Russian who lives in fear since the new anti-gay "propaganda" law was passed. Even at their launch, they decided to add Russian subtitles for all speeches.

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Can this start happening at Russian embassies everywhere please? 

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