Sydney Leathers Gets Six-Figure Deal to Sext On IHookUp


Sydney Leathers is discovering that her sexting relationship with Anthony Weiner is thrusting her into fame and even fortune. After making an adult film, giving her advice on how to seduce politicians, and a gig as a leather model, Leathers has signed a six-figure endorsement deal with the application IHookUp, which helps locals find each other and hook up. It seems that in America, sex continues to sell.

As part of her agreement, Leathers must remain active on the app by constantly interacting with users and sexting. Leathers is no stranger to this activity. Beyond her online romance with Weiner, she has admittedly "made thousands of dollar from sugar daddies." In her xoJane article, Leathers explicitly describes how to seduce and play off the ego of men. "Play on his ego and resist being sexual when he wants to be sexual. It will drive him crazy." Leathers has had her fair share of critics; Thomas Roberts of MSNBC called her "batsh*t crazy." Responding, Leathers has defended her actions saying that "We all have what we want to do in life and what our own personal standards are." For her, "Anthony Weiner was a weird science experiment."

Though some find her way of lifestyle disappointing and disrespectful, Leathers is simply playing into the America’s fascination with sex figures. We all know the young girl who, after standing in the shadow of her friend Paris Hilton, emerged as one of the most popular stars in America — Kim Kardashian. Her fortune and wealth swelled when her sex tape was leaked. Playing off of that, her family built a multi-million dollar dynasty.

We may not want to admit it, but a lot of us are intrigued by these kinds of characters. The reason they are so widely publicized and talked about is because we are the ones talking about them. For Leathers, this is exactly what she wants and we have no problem feeding into the discussion about her activities. It is part of human nature. We find scandal and sex to be deviously entertaining. Political demise caused by sexual misconduct fuels the fire even further.

Sex sells. It always has and always will.