Anthony Weiner Trashes Media During BuzzFeed Brews Interview


Yesterday, Anthony Weiner sat down to talk with Buzzfeed about his campaign and the ideas he has to make New York City more prosperous place. LOL! Not actually. Weiner spent most of the 47-minute interview trashing the media and being unimpressive. He admittedly understood that his own actions created a frenzy of Internet buzz and discussion focused not on important policy, but rather his sexual escapades. Though a recent poll says that 77% of Democrats have an unfavorable opinion of the mayoral candidate, Weiner is unrelenting in his efforts to continue campaigning. He really thinks he is gong to win.

During Buzzfeed Brews, Weiner was not phased by his fall to fourth place in the Democratic primary, believing he would be back in first place by the time of the elections. He tried to direct the conversation towards policy, underlining the media’s tendency to linger on the past. But for the majority of the conversation, Weiner constantly had to defend himself. Weiner did take responsibility for what had happened, saying, "I did these things. No one did this to me. I did them," but his arrogance seeped through every comment he made. He seemed flustered at every turn.

When the host, Ben Smith, asked Weiner if there would be more scandals, he responded "Secondly,– er, was I — can I, did I, just — I have more than one — can I just finish?" Smith continued went to address the media, causing Weiner to belittle the very outlet he was interviewing with. "You can do this or show videos of cats or whatever it is you do at BuzzFeed." Today, BuzzFeed responded to the cat insult with a brilliant montage of cute and funny cat videos.

Weiner went on to trash the New York Times editorial board.

"The New York Times — wait for it — doesn’t want me to win," said Weiner. "Their heads are exploding over the idea … They go and write stories about the campaign dedicated to the color of my pants. I don;t care."

He continued, mentioning the publisher of the New York Times, Arthur Sulzberger. "I actually couldn't pick him out of a lineup … He is alive, right?"

I know that Weiner is trying to redeem himself but his tactics are failing miserably. He comes off as disrespectful and disinterested. He is running a campaign that only receives attention because of his former sexual exploits. Weiner complains about how the media doesn't focus on the elements of his policy but the truth is that there is little substance for anyone to focus on now that he has ruined the race.

Watch the video below: