Watch a Man With OCD Flawlessly Perform a Beautiful Poem About His One True Love


It's not unusual for a guy to write a poem about love. It happens everyday. But this was no ordinary poem, nor was it any ordinary poet. Neil Hilborn has battled with Obssessive Compulslive Disoder his entire life, but it didn't stop him from finding true love and it certainly didn't stop him from speaking gracefully about it. 

Neetzan Zimmerman from Gawker says that "after a video of a recital rushed to the top of Reddit this morning, Hilborn made a surprise appearance in the thread to take questions from his newfound fans."

In the thread, Hilborn explains that he had written the poem two years ago and that his ex-girlfriend had reunited with him once she heard it. After being on-and-off for far too long, Hilborn ended up calling it quits, but says the OCD "wasn't the only thing that ended the relationship."

The poet suggests that anyone who struggles with mental health issues should use art as a gateway to happiness. "I recommend that everyone, and I mean everyone do art therapy. Sure, not everyone is an artist, but art can still be therapeutic for everyone."

Even though he ended up leaving his girlfriend, he says that although he "can't speak for everyone's experience," he knows he is "not the only person to have tics dissolve because of love."

Well that's just heart-warming.

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