Starting a Band? Here Are 6 Ways to Use the Web to Get Jammin'


Owl City was discovered on MySpace. Justin Bieber was discovered on YouTube. It wasn't just a matter talent that helped them get discovered, it was being on the right site at the right time. Here are some easy ways to take control of your career and use the Web to get discovered.

1. Use MySpace

In this age of Facebook and Twitter, it's easy to overlook MySpace. MySpace actually started as a site for musicians and entertainers. After it's heyday as a social media site, it's now returning to its roots. It's no longer mainstream, but that's a good thing. By limiting its scope, its audience is more targeted. Even though the masses are no longer on MySpace, the people who matter most in the music and entertainment industry are, and they're always looking for new talent.

2. Promote your band on Amazon

In addition to selling books and eBooks, Amazon also sells digital music downloads and discs. In fact, you can even create discs using their CreateSpace system. Then, not only can you sell these discs on Amazon, but youcan also have the ability to buy these discs at cost and then sell them at your own gigs.

3. Create Videos on YouTube

Just as Justin Beiber was discovered on YouTube, you can be too. Simply set up and brand your YouTube channel, then fill it with videos. These videos can be shows you've performed, interviews you've done, or even just rehearsals. People love a behind-the-scenes look as well as a finished product. A camera on a tripod or a cameraman is all you really need. At the end of each video, there should be a link to your main page. This will help you garner the traffic that you deserve. Regular video posts are the key to popularity.

4. Promote your band on iTunes

If you're wondering why should you sell your music on iTunes, wonder no more. Once upon a time, you actually had to have a record deal to distribute your music to the masses. Today, that's no longer true. Itunes has made it ridiculously simple to sell your music from within your own iTunes store. Just set it up, brand and market it properly, and you could be selling tons of downloads in no time. iTunes is the most trusted source of digital downloads on the web.

5. Tweet! (And schedule tweets in advance)

It's not only common for bands to have Twitter accounts, it's expected. Twitter accounts are great ways to keep up with your followers. You can tweet about what's going on with the band, where you are playing, and more. People check twitter constantly to get every bit of up-to-the-minute news. Since everything in Twitter is done in real time, it's exhausting to have to post that often. Fortunately, there are many platforms that give you the option of scheduling your tweets in advance. This scheduling can be anywhere from a few days to a few months. Then, all you have to do is check in every so often to reply to comments.

6. Create a website

Having a website is key. This way, if your social media accounts are shut down, abandoned, or disappear, you'll still have some place to send your fans. It can be heartbreaking to lose all those people just because the social media site in question decided to shut down or falls out of favor (remember Friendster?) 

Another great thing about a website is that you control everything on it. You control what ads people see, the images, and whether you want to make tickets available on your site. Many social media sites aren't fond of selling on their sites. With your own site, you don't have to worry.

Once upon a time, it was hard for a band to make it. Its career was left entirely in the hands of others. Getting discovered back then meant finding a good agent or having other connections. Today, you can take your band's success into your own hands.

So, with these suggestions in mind, practice hard, get heard and make all your dreams come true. Hopefully, you'll be on tour and selling out arenas in no time.