Louisiana Primary Live Update: As Romney Secures New Orleans, Battle Will Be In The Suburbs


It is a clear and mild day in New Orleans. This is good news for Mitt Romney. As he has done in urban environments across the country, Romney is likely to outperform his opponents in New Orleans and the inner suburbs. 

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Of Louisiana’s 46 delegates, 25 are at-large going proportional to candidates who receive a minimum of 25% of the statewide vote. Another 18 delegates will be allocated by congressional district, 3 per congressional district. 

If conventional wisdom holds up, Romney should easily clinch the 3 delegates from New Orleans’s congressional district. 

The battle will be in the suburbs. Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum all spent at least part of Friday in the New Orleans suburbs. 

Not only could Romney secure another 3 delegates from a relatively moderate congressional district surrounding the city, this part of the state will be critical to denying Santorum a landslide in the Pelican State.

This year's Louisiana primary marks the first meaningful contest in the Pelican State in recent memory.