4 Shocking Scenes From Egypt's Brutal Crackdown On Protesters

A month-long state of emergency was declared by Egypt's interim President Adly Mansour following a horrific, bloody government crackdown on pro-Morsi demonstrators on Wednesday, August 14. Among the dead are international journalists, including Sky News cameraman Mick Deane, and scores of Egyptian protesters including women and children. 

The degree of bloodshed remains unclear as journalists scramble to gain accurate reports on the violence, but at least 149 people have been reported dead so far, according to Egypt's Health Ministry. Some are reporting injuries to be in the thousands. The White House press secretary's office recently issued a statement condemning the violence.

But this morning's crackdown may just be the beginning. The newest images coming from Cairo indicate that the violence is raging on. The latest footage depicts violent clashes between protesters and security forces, including shocking images of mobs pushing an armored police van off Cairo's "6th of October bridge," indicating the situation may be moving from bad to worse (videos and photos below).

1. Mobs push armored police van off of Cairo's "6th October" Bridge

2. Cairo's streets in the Giza district erupt in flames

3. Security forces move in, joined by military

4. A Euronews correspondent braves the situation to move among the protesters