Millennials Excited By Louisiana Republican Primaries Today, "Ron Paul Is Adorable!"


New Orleans – With voting day finally upon us, thousands of politically involved Louisianans line the neutral grounds in New Orleans with signs in support of their favorite GOP nominee, head out to the polls to cast their vote, and many will surely meet up over dinner to discuss the candidates. 

Traditionally a red state, many are expected to vote for Rick Santorum, believing he is the best representative of conservative values. Even those not eligible to vote, specifically high school students, have an opinion on the matter. 

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While I can only gather most of my information from the student lounge at my high school, it’s clear that the election is a hot topic and has made its way into daily conversation. People frequently discuss the political views of their parents, boyfriends, teachers and teammates. Teens are making an effort to be politically informed, and often bring it up in the classroom. 

Because people know I am a PolicyMic pundit, I often get questions like “What is Mitt Romney’s stance on immigration?” or “Ron Paul is adorable! Do you think he has a chance at being the nominee?” The most interesting comment I heard recently was, “Y’all know I’m pro-life and take it very seriously, but I feel threatened by Rick Santorum.” 

Louisianans, particularly young people, are paying close attention to these elections, both the primary happening today and the 2012 election in general. Many feel it is relevant to their future and are excited to be involved in a historical event.