This Russian Gay Man Came Out On Live Television, What Happened Next Is Shocking


Anton Krasovsky, a popular Russian radio host was sick of being shoved inside the closet because of his homophobic government and its nasty anti-gay laws. He was sick of quietly reporting on these laws, rather than being open about how they affected him. That's why he decided to come out, on the air, in front of his coworkers, bosses, fans and the entire world. He was gay and done with feeling ashamed for it.

The Advocate reports that after his bold coming-out, he went straight to his changing room and cried for a solid 20 minutes. An hour later, he got fired. This is his story.

A few hours later, it was like he had never worked there. His broadcasting company, KontrTV, took his face off their website and removed every single video he had ever produced on air. After he complained, the company eventually put his work back online, but they deleted his coming-out everywhere, even on Youtube, as if it had never happened.

When CNN asked him why he did it, he answered "Somebody should do it...I decided it's time to be open for me. That's it." 

Although this happened earlier this year, this incident is gaining more attention now that 'the anti-gay propaganda' laws are now in place.

If this happened then, it's shocking to think about what would happen now.

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