ALEC Joined Yelp, and This is What Happened


The American Legislative Exchange Council recently joined Yelp and what in sued was pure hatred. Known for its conservative tendencies in promoting a free market economy and limited government, the ALEC has been the center of many controversies. They have made the stand your ground law a centerpiece of their beliefs and promote tighter voter ID laws. Another controversial action was its bill called the Animal and Ecological Terrorism Act, which classifies any "civil disobedience" by animal or environmental activists as terrorism. 

The group is widely criticized for its extreme views. The ALEC is known for is strong ties to corporations. It holds conferences where model legalisation focusing on pressing issues of corporations is debated and drawn up. These companies pay an annual fee to sit in on the committees that create the model legislation. If ALEC votes to pass the model legislation, it is usually brought to certain sate legislative bodies across the country and passed into law. 

Yelp also received a great portion of the outrage when they joined up with the ALEC. Many users say they won't be returning to the website because of the association. Most of the comments focus on their displeasure with the ALEC's actions and some of them are quite hilarious. 

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